Sports Announcer Talk

Ferguson, C. A. (1983). Sports announcer talk: Syntactic aspects of register variation. Language in Society, 12(02), 153.

Article about register variation and register markers in sports announcer talk. There are linguistic features about it that we can identify and that relate to other registers. The article does a good job of defining the features, but doesn’t go into how they are learned or reproduced until the conclusion (169).

The primary aim is to characterize the language of sportscasting, not the genre of the sportscast.

As a second attemptat location, sportscastingis a monolog or dialog-on-stage

directed at an unknown, unseen, heterogeneousmass audience who voluntarily choose to listen, do not see the activity being reported,and provideno feedback to the speaker- 156

158- syntacically, SAT differs because it leaves off pronouns or pronouns plus copula.

160- The simplification simlarities between event reporting sentences in SAT and event-reporting headlines in newspapers presumably reflect, at least in part, functional similarities

162- heavy modifiers are used a lot but are more similar to written english instead of spoken english

168- The combination of characteristics that constitutes SAT, including the six syntactic features described here, functions as a synchronic subsystem in English, and listeners evaluate sportscasters in large part on their ability to use this conventionalized register in accordance with the accepted norms, although other factors are also involved.



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