Ilana Gershon- Break Up 2.0

Gershon, I. (2012). Introduction. In The breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over new media. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Language and media are communal activities that have shared and often unspoken expectations (1).

Media ideologies shape the ways people think about and use different media. Media ideologies are a set of beliefs about communicative technologies with which users and designers explain perceived media structure and meaning (3). Ex. emails as formal correspondence.

Media ideologies about one medium are always affected by the media ideologies people have about other media (5). How you think about texting is connected to how you think about phone calls.

Remediation: describes the ways that people interlink media, suggesting that people define every technology in terms of the other communicative technologies available to them (5).

Media ideologies revolve around people’s ideas about how the structure of technology shapes the ways you can use it to communicate.

Idioms of practice: people figure out together how to use different media and often agree on the appropriate social uses of technology by asking advice sharing stories with each other. This includes collective discussions, shared practices, and this becomes clear especially when people break expectations (6).

People have to overcome social and technical problems and due so by collaborating with friends on how to capture/time their message.

Participants of new media are also working out how the medium influences the message (10).


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