Hello fellow travelers.

My name is Lindsey Pullum and I’m a PhD student at Indiana University in Bloomington studying Anthropology and Jewish Studies. My work deals language and media ideologies, performance studies, and tourism studies, specifically in Israel with regard to bilingual boundary publics.

I suppose I have hobbies. Wine-tasting, running, playing the guitar, seeing shows, walking my dog Jeppy, and surprising friends for their birthday. Ooh, and coffee. Coffee is big.

My core values are probably discipline, independence, and self-awareness. Everyone always laughs when I say discipline, but sometimes the thing you struggle with most is the most important to keep at your center.

Adjectives that describe my persona include: effervescent, animated, and physically-communicative.

In 2008, I won Class Clown for my senior class and I’m still proud of it today.